16 Free Printable Cloth Doll Face Templates

Doll Face Templates Printable and Doll Body

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Are you looking for free printable templates for doll faces? Here are tons of unique and cute faces for all kinds of rag dolls, from sweet to serious, sassy to raggedy, all free for download for my email subscribers.

I have made my girls a lot of dolls over the years, some turned out and some did not! But I have finally landed on the perfect base doll body, and this week I had a great time designing a collection of different faces to try out in different dolls.

I like my dolls whimsical. Forest dolls, magical fairies, ballerinas, and more. I like bold faces with big features and endless possibilities.

I’d love to share my doll faces with you, read on to find out more!

Doll Body with doll face templates free printable

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About The Doll Face Templates

These templates were specially made to fit on my Heirloom Cloth Doll Body. If you need a doll pattern to make first, be sure to download that one!

Of course, you are WELCOME to use these faces on other dolls as well, but you might have to print them at different scales to make them fit.

In the PDF download there are 16 premade doll faces, all with different expressions. But if you want to make even more, you can mix and match pieces you like from each face to create your own totally new face template!

You can also use these templates as a starting point, and continue to add to them by drawing more details with a pen or marker. For example, on this sample face below, the eyes are just simple dots, but if you want to draw on some eyelashes you can easily do that.

Sample Doll Face Template Printable
Save this free sample to your computer, or get the rest in the email!

How to Customize your Doll Face Templates

I couldn’t draw every single idea I had… otherwise there would be 100 free templates! But here are a few more ideas of ways to customize these cute faces to make more unique dolls:

  • Add big round glasses rims around the eyes
  • Add freckles
  • Add a sparkle shape to the eyes
  • Draw a curl of hair on the forehead
  • Add a whimsical element like a flower or a twig to the face
  • Make dimples on the cheeks
  • Design an older looking doll by adding smile likes or wrinkles around the eyes
  • Make a male doll with simple eyes and larger eyebrows, and smaller lips
  • Make a doll that is sleeping
  • Make a winking face
Doll with free face templates printable

The ideas go on and on… there are so many ways to make the templates your own.

Download the Doll Face Templates

To get your free doll face templates, add your email below to sign up for my email list. Then I will know where to send the file, and it should come immediately.

If you are making my Heirloom Cloth Doll Body, make sure to print the templates at 100% size, with no scaling. They will fit right on the doll pattern (the face outline, not the seam allowance outline).

If you plan to use these templates for smaller dolls, I recommend measuring your doll’s face then scaling the templates down as necessary. These faces are about 3.75 inches wide, so printing them at 75% scaling would make them 2.81 inches wide, and scaling them at 50% would make them 1.87 inches wide

How To Use Doll Face Templates

Lastly I want to talk about the different ways you can use these templates to get a face onto your doll. There are many options for all skill levels.

Doll Face Template on paper and  Raggedy Doll
  • You can use these templates to machine embroider your doll before cutting it out.
  • You can trace the template onto the material and hand embroider it before making the doll.
  • Or you can hand embroider it onto a finished doll

Embroidery not your thing? Here are some other ideas…

  • Turn the file into a vector to use with a Cricut cutting machine, and make an iron on doll face! (SO easy and fast!)
  • Draw the face on with a fabric marker
  • Use fabric paint to paint the template onto the face and add color
  • Print the pattern onto material (at home or with a company like Spoonflower) for an extremely detailed option!

Cloth Doll Face Ideas

I have rounded up 12 additional rag doll images with different types of faces for your inspiration!

These faces are not included in the printable, but you can mix and match pieces of the templates to make faces you see here, or draw them by hand.

Notice that the spacing of the eyes alone can really change a face!

rag doll face template inspiratio

For a simple doll, you can embroider closed eyes, like it is smiling or sleeping.

rag dolls and handmade cloth doll face ideas

Show & Tell

Laura sent me this photo of the creative way she used one of these doll face templates!

She used it as an applique for this adorable goat she was making!

She said: “I love the templates! So cute!”

Don’t forget to sign up for the email list to get the download, and pin this post to reference for later.

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